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Dennis Todd's 

Dennis's hair pieces are simple to view, try, and purchase locally in his shop located in Plymouth, Michigan.  He has the best wigs available purchased from select U.S. based distributors.  He has many styles, colors and textures to suit just about anyone in need of a temporary or permanent hair substitution.

Special requests are welcome as Dennis can do most anything when it comes to natural or synthetic hair.  Whether it’s your own thinning hair or a previously purchased wig, he can help you find the right solution.  Every wig needs to be fitted in some way.  Dennis can cut to a new style or a look….OR he can help you figure out a  colored and highlighted look to match what you are used to having. 

You can trust Dennis when it comes to knowing when and if to remove all natural hair for your new piece.  Dennis is confident he can make you look and feel great whatever your situation.  He will work with you throughout wearing your hair piece and can provide timely advice as you transition back to your own hair when new hair appears. 

We look forward to seeing you in our shop to help you find, fit and style the right hair piece for you.