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Dennis Todd's 
We offer only high quality, high style wigs to give you the look you want.  A variety of price ranges are also available.  
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I just couldn't let the opportunity pass to let you know what an amazing time my friend and I had today at your salon!   I accompanied my long time friend, as a support person and honest critic for her, as she searched for a natural looking supplement to disguise thinning hair and a scalp that had recovered from surgery and topical chemotherapy treatments.  As we all know, a woman's hair plays a huge role in the confidence and attitude we face the world with.   

My precious friend is beautiful through and through but, sadly, the results of this health crisis had made her self conscious and unhappy with how she looked.   Prior to our appointment with you, I wondered if this could actually turn out well....would I be able to truly like what she tried?  Would this give her a "new lease" and restore her confidence?  Would it be a fun experience for her?   There were so many questions still stirring in my mind as we walked through your doors.   

On arrival, we were warmly welcomed and she was even greeted by name!  The shop was neat, stylish and clean.  We were escorted to an area that allowed for privacy and where a large selection of wigs lined the shelves.   There were many different colors, styles, and lengths to choose from.   

Our initial introductions to you were almost immediately followed by the feeling of talking to a personal friend.  There was no awkwardness, no intimidating attitudes, no judgements - just a sincere concern for my friend and the obvious desire to help her find something that truly worked for her and made her feel like the beautiful lady she is.  

I'm sorry this is so long and wordy but I was so touched by your open, friendly and compassionate actions that I want to express just how appreciative I am of your efforts!!  You even had time to share your ideas with what I could do to help me with my hairstyle (and, YES, I will definitely be returning as a new client for you)!!  I could literally see a light twinkle in my friend's eye as she looked into the mirror - even as we were leaving, your other stylists in the salon took a moment to stop and tell her how great she looked!   What a phenomenal experience for both of us!!  I simply cannot find the words to adequately thank you for how you treated and helped my sweet friend!!  You all made both of us feel SO very special and I appreciate it more than you'll ever know!!   See you soon!